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From the beauty of carved wood, forms revealed from lost wax bronze, to spirits released from stone - sculpture is art that last forever….just like real friendships.

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“Love’s Whirl” Series by Crispen Salt
  • From $95.00
“Proud Husbands” by Farai Nyakanyanza
  • $325.00
“Together as One” by Kelvin Ferenando
  • $325.00
“Bond of Love” by Paul Masvikeni
  • $595.00
“The Love in Us I” by Farai Nyakanyanza
  • $725.00

Sold out

“Lifetime Commitment” by Farai Nyakanyanza
  • $750.00
“Love Truly” by Taurai Mutigwa
  • $795.00
“Wedding Time” by Mapaya Mupumha
  • $995.00