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From the beauty of carved wood, forms revealed from lost wax bronze, to spirits released from stone - sculpture is art that last forever….just like real friendships.

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“Plumage” Series by Tamuka Gorerino
  • From $50.00
Stone Face Series by V. Rangissee
  • $60.00
“Love Bird” Series by Nixon Muti
  • From $85.00
“Twiza Trio” Series by Emanuel Makoni
  • $85.00
“Love’s Whirl” Series by Crispen Salt
  • From $95.00
Stone Head Series by F. Nyakanyanza
  • From $120.00
“Split Decision” by Smibio Bangura
  • $165.00
Shona Hippo Pod Series by Manuel Magura
  • $225.00
“Forever Modest” by Gift Matafi
  • $325.00
“Rising Moon” by Dickson Dickson
  • $325.00

Sold out

“Deep in Love” by Richard Chitsigo
  • $395.00
“Broad-Minded” by Kenneth Chidharara
  • $425.00
Protected Forever by Donald Chapenga
  • $525.00
“Feathering” by Farai Nyakanyanza
  • $550.00