Sara Martins

Sara was born in Kakamega in Kenya, and schooled in Mombasa. She sadly passed away in 2014. Sara attended the Star of the Sea School as a youngster where she first discovered her interest in the arts at the age of 8. She continued her education at the Makuma Girls School in Mombasa, graduating in 1986.  She graduated university in 1988 with a BA in Design.  Afterwards she began practicing on her own and also taught at the Kenya Institute of Mass Communications.  In 1995 she began working at the Kenya Broadcasting Company (KBC), where she met fellow artist Bulinya, who had a significant effect on her work as an artist.

Sara joked that she was a Luhya living with the Maasai in Ngong and attributed the beautiful landscape of Ngong and the Maasai that passed through her area as her main creative influences these days. One of the most exciting aspects of Sara’s paintings is the incorporation of feathers and fabrics into her paintings.  Often the Maasai shukas in her paintings are from authentic Maasai tunics.  She also incorporated banana leaves into some of her paintings, giving them a three-dimensional feel.

Sara also worked as a producer of a weekly television show in which she interviewed artists as well as discussed current issues involving the African art scene. She also owned and operated a gallery in the Ngong foothills where she sold her own work as well as the work of her artist friends.