Ruth Gechemba Nyakundi

Ruth has painted since her childhood, a self-taught artist who believes that art must come from within and cannot be taught. You can only teach a person the technical aspects of painting, not necessarily how to express their inner soul.

Her work is inspired and influenced by her culture which she believes has many personal secrets and expressions yet to be understood by the outside world. She is married to fellow painter Christopher Oywecha.

In Ruth’s paintings she expresses her thoughts, dreams, and emotions, deriving inspiration from the world and projecting them in various mediums. Her art has evolved over the years, in the process she has become an accomplished and prolific artist exhibiting world over


2003: Carnival of Arts, National Museum of Kenya

2002: HAWA, National Museum of Kenya

2002: Arts Festival at the National Museum of Kenya.

2003: Maboom Boom, Kenya Arts Festival, Goethe Institute, Nairobi.

2002: Several Perspectives, French Cultural Centre, Nairobi.

2001   Awarded the Most Talented Artist at The National Museum of Kenya