Joseph Thiongo

Born in 1967 in Uthiru, Kabete (Kenya), Joseph Thiongo realized his talent for art at a very early age.

Thiongo studied at Uthiru Primary School from 1974 to 1981, and completed his secondary education at Kabete High School in 1985. It was during high school that his artistic skills were recognized by his Geography teacher, after being impressed by his map drawing skills. His teacher said, “Joseph, I hope you will be an artist”. Words he never forgot.

Thiongo worked for the Coffee Board of Kenya until 1990, during which time he got closer to appreciating the local landscape. Since then, Thiongo has painted mainly in watercolor, capturing natural beauty of Kenyan’s landscapes. The impact of Thiongo’s works is heightened by the fact that he is self-taught, yet he is able to achieve incredibly vivid images of landscape and wildlife.

Thiongo’s interesting combination of colors, along with his wonderful eye for detailed animal depictions, has gained him international attention.