John Ndambo

Ndambo was born in Mwawache village, Chawia location of Taita Taveta District, Kenya on September 11, 1967. He is a self-taught artist who derives his inspiration from tribes’ people going about their daily routine. Ndambo was also influenced by his father’s work with creating African souvenir arts and crafts.

Ndambo studied at Mwawache Primary School and then at Mwafuga High School. His skill using a palate knife came naturally and he was able to impress both schoolmates and teachers with his portraits.

Now in his late 40’s Ndambo paints the Maasai tribe because he loves their culture and radiant red clothing. He finds inspiration observing the Maasai African tribes at their huts, or with their cows in Kenya, as well as in Arusha, Tanzania.

He has exhibited his work in the United States, London, and The Edinburgh Art Festival organized by the Royal Overseas League.

Ndambo lives in Nairobi, Kenya with his wife and three children.