Christopher A. Oywecha

Oywecha is an expressionist artist from Kenya whose works portray his perception of the human condition as people go about their daily tasks and relate to the world around them. He works mainly in oil and acrylic which he finds best allows him to translate his thoughts to canvas. He is a keen observer of people’s faces which he reads to understand what they feel about people around them, their environs, and the events affecting them.

“Many of Oywecha’s paintings are simply elitist cubism depicting an intellectual and abstract reality, indeed a unique characteristic or rather geometrical approach. Color and his technique combine to express and or elicit powerful emotions.”

Oywecha has participated in many art exhibitions, including:

2002: Several Perspectives, at French Cultural Centre, Nairobi.

2000: Bomb Terror, at Goethe Institute, Nairobi.

1997: East African Art, at National Museum of Kenya.

1994: Art and Poetry, at French Cultural center, Nairobi.