Baron Kambarami

Kambarami was born in Harare, Zimbabwe in 1981 and studied at the Peter Birch School of Art. He has been successfully pursuing Fine Art since 1999.

In Kambarami’s own words; “I have experienced a growing passion for my work as an artist and creative individual. My work inspires me greater than I can imagine, and the aim is that I get the best out of it without compromise. I simply do so in a way that is natural and in solace with the individual person I am. I seek not just to satisfy my vision, but also people sharing the vision and surpassing what they are used to seeing normally.”

“My most treasured influence is color, and the many different ways I can choose to explore its significance, and how greatly it amazes people and art enthusiasts. I feel reasonably satisfied having painted instant images suggesting my visual experiences and how I personally feel about Art, which is the best tool to sharpen my response to Life.”

Verandah Gallery (Harare) 2004 Watercolour exhibition
Verandah Gallery 2005 African Colours exhibition
National Gallery of Zimbabwe Cottco Exhibition 2004
Nathan Smith Gallery (Pretoria) Group Exhibition 2007
Verandah Gallery 2008 Group Exhibition