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From the beauty of carved wood, forms revealed from lost wax bronze, to spirits released from stone - sculpture is art that last forever….just like real friendships.

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Ele Paperweight of Serpentine
  • $50.00
Shona Circle Series by C. Matsanura
  • $95.00
“Ele Herd” Series by Juja Tembo
  • From $95.00
“Elephant Man” by Cephas Mukundi
  • $100.00

Sold out

“Role Model” by Chaale Thomu
  • $175.00
“Ellie Call” by Juja Tembo
  • $285.00
“Jumbo” by Donald Chapenga
  • $295.00

Sold out

“Saucy Ellie” by Vernon Nyagweta
  • $295.00
“Attentive” by Samson Mukohwa
  • $375.00
“Ellie in Profile” by Farison Maposa
  • $375.00
“Leader of the Herd” by Juja Tembo
  • $475.00

Sold out

“Abstract Ellie” by Cephas Mukundi
  • $895.00
“Ellie in Green” by Confidence Zinyeka
  • $1,200.00
“Approaching the Watering Hole” by Confidence Zinyeka
  • $1,750.00