Our 2017 Shona Sculptures

New Shona Sculptures! The Shona tribe and their ancestors have lived and died in Southeastern Africa for more than 1000 years.  The sculpture of the Shona people is an expression of the legends, traditions and human connections inherent in their culture.  Many of the sculptors say that the spirits of their ancestors come to them [...]

Dominic Benhura

Biography: Benhura was born 1968 in Murewa,  northeast of Salisbury (Harare since 1982). His father died before his birth, and raised by his mother. Many early formative years were spent at Chapungu Sculpture Park and he is today regarded as the cutting edge of Zimbabwe sculpture with one-man exhibitions in Zimbabwe, Australia, Belgium, Holland, Germany [...]

Leo Berekayi

Biography: Leo Berekayi was born in 1976 in Chitungwiza, south of Harare, where he still lives.  "When I was 13 years old, my mother married the famous sculptor Joseph Ndandarika, and I watched him create his pieces. When Joseph died, she took up sculpting herself and earned a contract with the Chapungu Sculpture Park in [...]

Lovemore Bonjisi

Biography: Respected shona art critic Celia Winter-Irving described Lovemore as “The shona Michelangelo”   Lovemore Bonjisi was born on January 8th, 1985 in Ruwa, Zimbabwe. He is one of 7 children and was the brother of renowned Zimbabwean sculptor, Lameck Bonjisi, now deceased. Whilst at school with Lameck in Ruwa, their father introduced them to [...]

Witness Bonjisi

Biography: Witness Bonjisi was born in 1976 on the 25th of September in Mudzi, in the district of Mutoko, Zimbabwe. He grew up in Domboshava, Chinamhora and attended high school at Tafara High in Harare. In 1992, inspired by his brother, the late Lameck Bonjisi, Witness began his sculpting career. With the guidance of Lameck [...]

Nhamo Chamutsa

Biography: Chamutsa was born 1979 in Harare, Zimbabwe. He graduated in 1997 and joined his uncle, the artist, Arthur Fata, at Chapungu Park. Fata introduced him to the world of sculpture and soon became an accomplished artist and resident artist in Chapungu Sculpture Park.. Chamutsa says: “Sometimes what I sculpt comes from within, sometimes from [...]

Donald Chapenga

Biography: Donald Chapenga was born in Zimbabwe on 28-06-1974. One of eight children, Donald attended primary school in Raffingora, and then moved to the Guruve Rural area and finished his formal education in 1995. He started stone carving as a hobby at a tender age following a family tradition, beginning in earnest and in 1995 [...]

Edmore Chijumani

Biography: Edmore Chijumani was born in Chimanimani, Zimbabwe, in 1970.

Stewart Chipenga

Biography: none available Country of origin: Zimbabwe

Jorum Chiyangwa

Biography: Jorum Chiyangwa lives in Harare, Zimbabwe and attended University of Zimbabwe.

Jaeros Clement

Biography: None available Country of origin: Zimbabwe

Stanford Derere

Biography: Stanford Derere was born into a family of eight boys in 1956 in Mokosa, Mutoko in Zimbabwe Derere joined the  BAT Workshop, of the National Gallery of Zimbabwe in 1985, specializing in painting and printmaking before finding his passion for sculpting. He participated in the annual exhibition of the National Gallery of Zimbabwe from [...]

Dougmore Fombe

Biography: Dougmore Fombe was born 1978 in Murewa District of Mashonaland East, Zimbabwe, into an artistic family.  He began applying his talents to carving in wood with his father Adriano Fombe at the age of fourteen. Later he joined other artists; Kennedy and Brighton Musekiwa, and Norbert Shamuyarira who taught him how to carve stone. [...]

Douglas Goshomi

Biography: Goshomi was born in 1986, in Masvingo, Zambabwe, (Masvingo is in south-eastern Zimbabwe, capital of Masvingo Province). Douglas’s parents, noticing his artistic talents at an early age, encouraged him to spend much of his time outside of primary school with established artists. Through this interaction Goshomi was exposed to the various techniques that allowed [...]

Nicholas Kadzungura

Biography: Kadzungura was born in 1967 in Centenary, Zimbabwe. He attended St. Albert's Secondary School in Centenary before being apprenticed to Damian Manuhwa, the famous first-generation artist.  From the beginning, the young artist was inspired by the natural shapes of the stones as they appeared from the quarries. These forms continue to influence him. Kadzungura [...]

Wellington Karuru

Biography: Born in 1976 in Zimbabwe. Wellington Karuru is the first born to a family of five children and has two brothers and two sisters. Both his brothers, Gilbert and Esau, are also talented sculptors.

Benjamin Katiyo

Biography: Benjamin Katiyo Katiyo was born in 1970 in Murewa, Zimbabwe, his brother Royal, an accomplished sculptor himself, encouraged Benjamin to use his talents in sculpting. So in 1996 he began his journey as a sculptor working along side his brother and attending the Gavazi Art Centre in Mvurwi. Since 2002 he has been fully [...]

Tawanda Makore

Bio Tawanda Makore was born on August 8, 1979 in the Midlands province of Zimbabwe and currently living in Harare, Zimbabwe. Akence Makore,his late uncle, a renowned sculptor, inspired him to become a sculptor and thus his training began at an early age under the eyes of his elders. He soon developed his own technique [...]

Cephas Mashaya

Biography: Cephas Mashaya, born in Nayanga in April 1981 in the Eastern Highlands of Zimbabwe. Cephas is a naturally born artist who started sculpting at an early age of six. Though he started sculpting as a hobby, he soon began to seriously apply himself and worked as an apprentice to Tinei Mashaya a well-respected artist [...]

Ngoni Mashaya

Biography: None available Country of origin: Zimbabwe

David Mashoko

Biography: Mashoko was born in 1973 in the Wedza District of Zimbabwe, David Mashoko completed his O levels at Lundi Mission in Masvingo. In 1996, David decided to join the world renowned Chapungu Sculpture Park in Harare as a student. There he met Joe Mutasa, an internationally acclaimed sculptor who recognized David’s talent and inspired [...]

Jonathan Mhondorohuma

Biography: Jonathan Mhondorohuma is native of Myurwi, Zimbabwe and was born Christmas Day in 1974. In 1989 he was invited by his friend and fellow sculptor Square Chikwanda to come work at the Tengenenge Sculpture Community and spent the next six months there learning from Chikwanda before moving to Harare. There he met and worked [...]

Cephas Mukundi

Biography: Cephas Mukundi started his career at Chapungu Sculpture Park. Mukundi mainly focuses on rabbits as part of his main corpus of work, pet rabbits and wild rabbits. The leading sculptor Dominic Benhura is one of Mukundi’s main inspirations. Cephas Mukundi says “Sculpture comes naturally to me, an extension perhaps of drawing at school, or else [...]

Lloyd Mwarowa

Biography: Mwarowa was born 1979 in the Chimanimani District, Manicaland Province, of south-eastern Zimbabwe. After completing his education in 1998, Mwarowa went to Harare to join his brother Fungani where he was introduced to stone carving. There he assisted his brother Fugani in finishing sculptures and thus gained experience and confidence until he himself became [...]

Luke Saidi

Biography: Luke Saidi is a 3rd generation sculptor born 1979 in Chitungwiza, Zimbabwe. Saidi was inspired by his grandfather Saidi Sabiti, a well-established Zimbabwean stone sculptor of the first generation. Saidi was empowered by his grandfather and was trained and was his assistant. Sidi created mainly small objects at first moving on to larger sculptures, [...]

Vengai Saidi

Biography: Artist lives in Harare, Zimbabwe

Bywell Sango

Biography: Sango was born in 1979. He began sculpting at an early age having been influenced by his brother the late Brighton Sango. During school holidays he assisted Brighton in creating and completing sculptures and in the process he developed a similar cubic style. Competition amongst the Sango brothers has been significant in developing subtly [...]

Edmore Sango

Biography: Edmore Sango was born in 1977 Guruve, Zimbabwe, and currently living in Harare, Zimbabwe. He received primary education at Nyanhunzi School and his secondary education at Mamini High School. He started sculpting at a very tender age. “My inspiration was due to the fact that I came from a renowned carving family. During my [...]

Rickson Zavare

Biography: Rickson Zavare was born in 1977 in the small village of Marehwa Zimbabwe. Growing up, he became fascinated by the craftsmanship of his grandfather, who worked as a blacksmith. In 1996, he began working as an assistant for his brother-in-law, Tago Tazvitya. During his apprenticeship, he became enamored with the grain and shape of [...]

Sidley Patala

Biography: Sidley Patala is an accomplished and world renown Shona sculptor from Zimbabwe. His particular style and influence is known as "Ukama" or "Loving Family", in which the figures show family members in loving unity merging together at various points, thus representing the shared spirit of the family unit, whether that is a mother and [...]

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