Batsirai Muskwe

Biography: Born August 2nd,1974 in Harare, Zimbabwe, Muskwe says “I am motivated by everything that goes on around me.”  Muskwe works as a painter and graphic artist. Batsirai’s style is abstract paintings with a mixed medium. He is currently living in Chitungwiza, Zimbabwe. Muskwe has travelled the world with his art and has exhibited in [...]

Chrispine Mutsanyanga

Biography: Chrispine Mutsadyanga was born in the Gutu District, Masvingo Province in 1974, eldest of six children. His father, artistic in his own right, inspired in Chris at a very young age the love of observation and drawing.  During his art lessons at kindergarten in Masvingo, Chrispine’s teacher predicted that he would one day become [...]

Thomas Mwasangwale

Biography: Born on September 9, 1989 in Zimbabwe, Mwasangwale studied at the B.A.T. School of Visual Arts. He earned degrees in both fine art and graphic design.  Inspiration for his work is often derived from graphic novels and modern cartoons. In 1996 he was awarded “Young Artist of Promise” in Zimbabwe, with gallery shows at [...]

John Ndambo

Biography: Ndambo was born in Mwawache village, Chawia location of Taita Taveta District, Kenya on September 11, 1967. He is a self-taught artist who derives his inspiration from tribes’ people going about their daily routine. Ndambo was also influenced by his father’s work with creating African souvenir arts and crafts. Ndambo studied at Mwawache Primary [...]

Itayi Njagu

Biography: Not Available Country of origin: Zimbabwe

Stephen Njenga

Biography: Born in 1962 in Thogoto, Kenya, Njenga went to primary and secondary school near his Kikuyu home.  While there, he developed a keen interest in art and began to seriously pursue his creative talents.  After secondary school, Njenga earned a degree in fine arts in 1984 from the Creative Arts Center in Nairobi.  While [...]

Bernard Ndichu Njuguna

Biography: “Our earliest childhood memories are carried with us and shape our life’s journeys,” says Bernard Ndichu Njuguna, was born in 1979 and grew up in the Central Highlands of Kenya surrounded by scenic landscapes and beauty, and now pursues his art in Nairobi.  These childhood memories have shaped and provided inspiration for his art [...]

Charles Nkomo

Biography: Charles Nkomo, born in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe in 1974, is a Zimbabwean abstract expressionist artist. After leaving school in 1993 he studied at the Mzilikaze Craft Centre in Bulawayo, where he specialized in fine art. Thereafter he became a resident artist at the National gallery in Bulawayo. Nkomo enjoys painting typical African township scenes, landscapes with [...]

Ruth Gechemba Nyakundi

Biography: Ruth has painted since her childhood, a self-taught artist who believes that art must come from within and cannot be taught. You can only teach a person the technical aspects of painting, not necessarily how to express their inner soul. Her work is inspired and influenced by her culture which she believes has many [...]

Christopher A. Oywecha

Biography: Oywecha is an expressionist artist from Kenya whose works portray his perception of the human condition as people go about their daily tasks and relate to the world around them. He works mainly in oil and acrylic which he finds best allows him to translate his thoughts to canvas. He is a keen observer [...]

Emmanuel Tetteh Pecku

Biography: "A flat short-bristle brush and a palette knife are most important to my work. The result is a unique style, greatly enhanced by an almost fanatical regard for the purity of colors." "My name is Emmanuel Tetteh Pecku. My mother says that during pre-school education, my teachers always complained about my habit of drawing [...]

Patrick Rapai

Biography: Patrick Rapai was born at Silveira Missionary Hospital in Masvingo, Zimbabwe in 1976. He went to school in Harare, the capital of the country, where he began his career as an artist. In 2004, he married Dora Chabwanda, a chemical engineer. They have one daughter, Zuvarashe ‘Zoo’ Rapai, now 10. In 2008, they relocated [...]


Biography: Country of origin: Zimbabwe

Sane (Eria Solomon Nsubuga)

Biography: Sane was born in Central Uganda in 1979.  He currently lives and works in Entebbe, Uganda, not far from the capital, Kampala.  Sane completed his B.I.F.A. in 2001 at the Margaret Trowell School of Industrial and fine Arts, Makerere University, Kampala.  In 2008, he completed his Master of Arts in Fine Art Sculpture from [...]

Mind Shana

Biography: Born on the 25th January 1983 in Harare, Zimbabwe. Shana is currently working from Middleburg, Eastern Cape, South Africa. As a self- taught artist, Shana has always been interested in sketching compositions he sees in his surroundings. Vivid colors and intense expressions, along with fluid movement created from his strong brush strokes create striking [...]

Peter Ziyo Sibeko

Biography: Born in Orlando East Soweto in 1940, Sibeko started drawing at an early age, demonstrating maturity beyond his years. A self-taught artist of considerable talent, his brother Walter and fellow artist David Mbele provided encouragement and helped to create opportunities for Sibeko to earn a living as an artist full-time.  Sibeko was also inspired [...]

Tshepo Moses Sibeko

Biography: Born in 1971, Tshepo Sibeko is the first born child of artist Peter Sibeko. Tshepo Sibeko started to demonstrate his interest in art at age 15 by drawing in the paved streets.  His father encouraged Tshepo to use color in his work, and a new artist bearing the name Sibeko was born. Tshepo Sibeko [...]

Chidyausiku Tawanda

Biography: Country of origin: Zimbabwe

Joseph Thiongo

Biography: Born in 1967 in Uthiru, Kabete (Kenya), Joseph Thiongo realized his talent for art at a very early age. Thiongo studied at Uthiru Primary School from 1974 to 1981, and completed his secondary education at Kabete High School in 1985. It was during high school that his artistic skills were recognized by his Geography [...]

Ash Uman

Biography: Ash is a self-taught artist who has been painting full time since leaving his job as a Research Assistant at the Laikipia Research Programme in 1990. His abstract paintings, flowing with passionate strokes, touch on ecstasy, spirituality, insanity, sensuality, and are vibrant with philosophical thoughts. One of his paintings was recently selected for the [...]

Blessing Vera

Biography: Country of origin: Zimbabwe