David Chinyama

Biography: David Chinyama was born in 1978 in the Hatcliffe suburb of Harare, Zimbabwe. His father worked as a farm laborer and his parents sacrificed everything to send their seven children to school.  Unfortunately, Chinyama had to leave secondary school in Domboshawa without writing Ordinary Levels because his family could not raise examination fees. He sought [...]

Charles Nkomo

Biography: Charles Nkomo, born in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe in 1974, is a Zimbabwean abstract expressionist artist. After leaving school in 1993 he studied at the Mzilikaze Craft Centre in Bulawayo, where he specialized in fine art. Thereafter he became a resident artist at the National gallery in Bulawayo. Nkomo enjoys painting typical African township scenes, landscapes with [...]

Chenjerai Kadzinga

Biography: Chenjerai Kadzinga was born on Oct. 12, 1979 in Zimbabwe. A 1997 graduate of Seke Mhurimwe Secondary School, Kadzinga subsequently received his Art Education at the BAT Visual Arts Studio at the National Gallery of Zimbabwe. Kadzinga draws artistic inspiration from Fasoni Sibanda, Obert Muringani, Vincent van Gogh, Paul Cezanne, Pablo Picasso, Henry Matisse, [...]

Robert Aswani

Biography: Robert Aswani was born in Western Province, Kenya in 1971, and grew up in a rural part of Western Kenya known as Luanda.   A self-taught artist, he has enjoyed painting ever since he was young, and remembers drawing diagrams on the blackboard at the request of his teachers who recognized his skills.  He completed [...]

Zack Aswani

Biography: Robert Aswani was born in Western Province, Kenya in 1971, and grew up in a rural part of Western Kenya known as Luanda.   A self-taught artist, he has enjoyed painting ever since he was young, and remembers drawing diagrams on the blackboard at the request of his teachers who recognized his skills.  He completed [...]

Rashid Al’Sanosi

Bio Born in 1966 in Berber, Northern Sudan.  Al’ Sanosi holds a B.A. in Fine Art from Sudan University.  He has worked as an art teacher in several schools in Sudan and Kuwait.  Al’ Sanosi also has participated in “Rise with the Sun, women work in Africa” in Canada and South Africa. Al’ Sanosi exhibits [...]

Mmadi Ausiy

Biography: Country of origin: Tanzania

Joseph Besoabewie

Biography: Country of origin: Ghana

Ben Bukenya

Biography: Ben Bukenya received his Bachelor of Industrial and Fine Arts in 2000 from Makerere University in Kampala, Uganda.  He has consistently exhibited since 1995 throughout Uganda, Kenya, Namibia and Egypt.  He currently works and lives with his wife and children in the suburbs of Kampala. Academic Qualifications 2002 Aptech Computer Education CPISM 2000 Makerere [...]

Anthony Bumhira

Biography: Anthony Bumhira, also known as Anthony B, is a young Zim artist with incredible talent. Bumhira primarily paints everyday scenes of urban life in Harare.  He has taken the traditional style of Zim painting and made it his own with a decidedly contemporary use of perspective, brush stroke and palette knife work. Born in [...]

Godwin Chikweta

Biography: Country of origin: Zimbabwe

Benson Chiremba

Biography: Benson Chiremba was born in Zimbabwe in 1978. He studied at Churchill High School, The Peter Birch School of Art, The B.A.T. Visual Art Academy under the wing of the Zimbabwe National Gallery and The National Academy of Fine Art in Oslo, Norway. Benson has exhibited extensively in Zimbabwe and in Europe. He has paintings [...]

Cida Diniz

Biography: Unavailable

Muzi Donga

Biography: Donga was born in 1952 in Orlando East, Soweto, in the province of Johannesburg, South Africa.  He received his formal art education at Rorkes Drift in KwaZulu Natal but failed to earn his degree due to lack of funds.  Donga also received informal training from various workshops set up in and around Johannesburg.  Also [...]

Junior Fungai Muduviwa

Biography: Junior Fungai was born in 1980 in Harare Zimbabwe, and studied in the B.A.T. Studios of the National Gallery of Zimbabwe, from which he earned a  diploma in fine arts. He was awarded first prize in graphics at the Cottco of Zimbabwe’s annual exhibition of N.G.Z and second prize in design at the Gwenyambira Exhibition, [...]

Godwin Atta Geoman

Biography: Godwin Geoman works primarily with acrylics to capture Ghana’s rich and intense colors. Geoman paints a composition that exudes inviting tranquility. Artist info: Godwin Geoman hails from a busy urban area, where he was born on May 16, 1977. He began painting at the age of ten, eventually studying at one of the country’s [...]

Justine Gope

Biography: Justine Gope born 1967  in Mozambique and emigrated to Zimbabwe in 1986. Art Education BAT Workshop, National Gallery of Zimbabwe Select Exhibitions 2000  The Earth Exhibition, Gallery Delta, Harare, Zimbabwe 2000  The Manicaland Exhibition, National Gallery, Mutare, Zimbabwe 2000  Zimbabwe Heritage Binale, National Gallery of Zimbabwe 1999   The Verandah Exhibition, Harare, Zimbabwe 1998   Solo Sombras Exhibition, [...]

Newton Gwanangura

Biography: Born on the 11th of July 1980, Gwanangura studied for his O levels at Kuwadzana High School and went on to A levels at the People’s College. He began painting in 2001 and furthered his education during 2002 at the Harare Polytechnic, where he completed his National Certificate in Art. Gwanangura was inspired to [...]

Suleman Hassan

Biography: Origin of painting: Ghana

Rodolfo Jara

Biography: Country of origin: Argentina


Biography: Jjuuko (Hoods) was born in 1980 and is a graduate with a first class degree from Kampala University, currently the Director of IVUKA arts Uganda, President of the Society of Uganda contemporary art ( SOUCA), Director and founder of GECKO art Gallery, in Uganda. Jjuuko has tried to transform contemporary African art out of [...]

Roberto Jofre

Biography: While there are many interesting pieces of art and styles in La Boca, an artists’ enclave in Buenos Aires, Argentina, one artist, Roberto Jofre, particularly stands out. Many are instantaneously captivated by his work for two reasons: his stupendous use of colors, and his very distinct brush strokes that lend his subjects a special [...]

Bapsi Jorofani

Biography: Country of origin: Zimbabwe

T. Jorofani

Biography: Click edit button to change this text.

Charles Kamangwana

Biography: Painter, Graphic Artist, Sculptor and Photographer Charles Kamangwana was born in Zimbabwe in 1972, and trained at the BAT Visual Arts Studios in Harare from 1992-94.  He has exhibited extensively in Zimbabwe (Gallery Delta, Pierre Gallery, Mutupo Gallery, Harare National Art Gallery, Bulawayo National Art Gallery) and in the Zimbabwe Heritage Exhibitions (1993-98). In [...]

Baron Kambarami

Biography: Baron Kambarami Kambarami was born in Harare, Zimbabwe in 1981 and studied at the Peter Birch School of Art. He has been successfully pursuing Fine Art since 1999. In Kambarami’s own words; “I have experienced a growing passion for my work as an artist and creative individual. My work inspires me greater than I [...]

Salum Kambi

Biography: Born in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania in 1970, Kambi first started to draw because of an argument he and with his friend Gibson. They exchanged caricatures of each other, competing with pen and paper for many years.  By the end of primary school, they were both nominated as best artists of the school. After [...]

Petros Kaseke

Biography: Kaseke was born in Zimbabwe July 19, 1975 and studied art at Chinhoyi University. Kaseke’s work includes wildlife and specialized figures done in oils, inspired by various social aspects of African life. His work explores themes of everyday life in both the city and rural areas, while striving to tell tales of contemporary life [...]

Peter Kwangware

Biography: Peter Kwangware was born in 1974. From 1995 to 1997 he studied art at the well-known B.A.T. Visual Art Studios of the National Gallery in Harare (Zimbabwe). Peter Kwangware’s works are vivid, figurative paintings mostly in oil. His paintings are inspired by social aspects of African life and explore themes of everyday living in [...]

Komla Lawoe

Biography: Komla Lawoe is largely a self trained painter. Born 1973, he attended the Armed Forces Secondary School.  Form a very young age he enjoyed drawing and after secondary school he realized that art was what he wanted to do.  At College he worked part time as a Gallery Assistant at the National Theatre Art [...]

Shake Makelele

Biography: Stanislaus Shake Makelele was born in Kenya in 1966. After studying at Kamwenja Teachers College (1989) and the Creative Art Center in Nairobi (1991-1994), he struck out on his own and became a freelance painter. In recent years, he has emerged as an artist of great imagination and flair, with a superbly balanced use [...]

Mthobisi Maphumulo

Biography: Mthobisi Maphumulo is a multimedia artist based in Durban. His work in oil pastels and mono print is a critique on the social construction of society with particular interest in notion of class and the contemporary effects of colonial history. He is the founder of Amasosha Art Movement, a collective of young artists based [...]

Bulinya Martins

Biography: Born 21 July 1961 in a village called Moiben near Eldoret, Kenya. Bulinya has worked as a freelance illustrator for the Kenya Times and True Love Magazine, as well for the Kenya Broadcasting Cooperation (KBC) as a stage and scene designer. Encouraged by his older brothers, Bulinya began drawing in charcoal and pencil as [...]

Sara Martins

Biography: Sara was born in Kakamega in Kenya, and schooled in Mombasa. She sadly passed away in 2014. Sara attended the Star of the Sea School as a youngster where she first discovered her interest in the arts at the age of 8. She continued her education at the Makuma Girls School in Mombasa, graduating [...]

George Masarira

Biography: Country of origin: Zimbabwe

Powell Matsongoni

Biography: Non available Country of origin: Zimbabwe

Stanley Mawelela

Biography: Stanley was born in Zambia in 1973.  As he grew up, he liked to draw pictures of animals and famous people.  When his parents moved to Zimbabwe, he joined the art club at Allan Wilson Boys High School.  After high school, he enrolled in the National Art Gallery’s BAT which, at the time, was [...]

Stephen Mbatia Kiera

Biography: Born in Murang’a in 1962, just before Kenya’s independence, Stephen Mbatia attended Thika High School and Kenya Polytechnic, before completing his B.Ed. in Fine Arts in 1988 from Kenyatta University. Mbatia was an art teacher at Thogoto Teachers College for 5 years.  When he resigned from paid employment in order to delve into art full time [...]

Bekezela Mlilo

Biography: None available Country of origin: Zimbabwe

Billy (Joshua) Molokeng

Biography: Molokeng was born in Alexandra Township, Johannesburg in 1949.  He began his career as an artist with no formal training, holding his first solo exhibition at Dorkey House in Braamfontein, Johannesburg in 1968.  In 1971, Molokeng studied art under Peter Eliastam.  Six solo exhibitions followed in the seventies and eighties, including a solo exhibition [...]

Ndaba Mpala

Biography: Country of origin: Zimbabwe

Khumbulani Mpofu

Bio Khumbulani Mpofu was born in 1977 in Bulawayo. He studied fine art at the Mzilikazi Art and Craft Centre. He has private collections in the USA, Canada, New Zealand, Netherlands, UK and South Africa. He had his first solo Exhibition in the National Art Gallery of Bulawayo in 2003. He has participated in a [...]

Edison Mugalu

Biography: Mugalu is a hard-working, self taught artist whose work beautifully honors Uganda and her people.  We were instantly captivated by his color palette, subject matter and contemporary vernacular.  Here is what others have said about him: “…he’s a truly African artist in the sense that his concerns and subject matters are reflected in the [...]

Emmanuel Mukwira

Biography: Country of origin: Zimbabwe

Zachariah Mukwira

Biography: Mukwira was born in 1968 in Makonde, Zimbabwe.  From 1989 to 1992, he studied disability and awareness campaigns through the arts with an organization called Zimbabwe Integration Through Arts.  He has continued his work with the disabled, as well as paint.  Kayakwanga Art Studio is Mukwira's private home studio. The name originates from Kaya [...]

Waison Mupedza (1973 – 2015)

Biography: Born in 1973 in Seke, Zimbabwe, as a boy Mupedza attended Makumbi primary and secondary schools.  His formal art education includes training at Driefontein Art Workshop, Mvuma, the BAT Art Workshop of the National Gallery Art Studio School, and the Dauya Technical College, Harare. Mupedza began working in a small, postcard size format. As [...]


Biography: Seth Musindi commonly known by the name “Remy”, is the founder and Executive Director of Educultural Artists Kenya. Remy has been associated with most of the visual art establishments in Kenya since 1989, including The National Visual Arts Exhibitions Committee, exhibited widely locally and Internationally and mentoring upcoming artists. Remy was born in Kakamega County, [...]

Batsirai Muskwe

Biography: Born August 2nd,1974 in Harare, Zimbabwe, Muskwe says “I am motivated by everything that goes on around me.”  Muskwe works as a painter and graphic artist. Batsirai’s style is abstract paintings with a mixed medium. He is currently living in Chitungwiza, Zimbabwe. Muskwe has travelled the world with his art and has exhibited in [...]

Chrispine Mutsanyanga

Biography: Chrispine Mutsadyanga was born in the Gutu District, Masvingo Province in 1974, eldest of six children. His father, artistic in his own right, inspired in Chris at a very young age the love of observation and drawing.  During his art lessons at kindergarten in Masvingo, Chrispine’s teacher predicted that he would one day become [...]

Thomas Mwasangwale

Biography: Born on September 9, 1989 in Zimbabwe, Mwasangwale studied at the B.A.T. School of Visual Arts. He earned degrees in both fine art and graphic design.  Inspiration for his work is often derived from graphic novels and modern cartoons. In 1996 he was awarded “Young Artist of Promise” in Zimbabwe, with gallery shows at [...]