Masks of Africa

Masks of Africa Ritual and ceremonial masks play a major role in various African Cultures. The specific implications associated with ritual masks widely vary in different cultures, while some traits are common to most African cultures. Masks usually have a spiritual and religious meaning, thus are used in ritual dances, social and religious events. A special [...]

Yoruba Beaded Crowns

Yoruba Beaded Crowns YORUBA BEADED CROWNS Today most Yoruba people live in Nigeria and some in Benin. In historic times the Yoruba territories consisted of several city states, urban centers centered around their own Royal Court. For centuries it was a large empire in Africa and had relative stability up till the 1830’s Before [...]

Dogon Granary Doors

These doors protected the window like opening into each family's grain storage building, and used a simple sliding door lock.  Primordial beings, ancestors, Kanaga masks, sun lizards and scenes of life symbolically served to protect the entrance by making it sacrosanct.

Ife Terracotta Heads

Description Ife is regarded as the spiritual heartland of the Yoruba people living in Nigeria.  According to Yoruba myth, Ife is the center of the creation of the world and all mankind.   Ife is also considered the birthplace of some of the highest achievements of African art and culture, combining technical accomplishment with strong aesthetic [...]