Project Description


Godfrey was born in Gutu Zimbabwe in 1976. He went to school in Gutu where he developed a strong interest in technical subjects including art. After his secondary education, he migrated to Harare to pursue his dream of becoming a serious artist and started working with his late uncle, Glad Man Zinyeka.

Godfrey Matungamidze began his career working as an assistant to his late uncle Glad Man Zinyeka, a renowned, second generation stone sculptor, who died in 2000.

Following the death of his uncle he worked with the artist Rangarirai Makunde. In 2001 Godfrey started working on his own, continuing with the style primarily instilled by his late uncle but with his own interpretations. His work consists of abstract sculptures, a master of head abstracts.

Godfrey is a full time sculptor based in Harare. His works have found homes across the world.