Project Description


Kangethe is a social chronicler who portrays everyday Kenyan life experiences, in a charming, whimsical style. He captures both rural and urban life. Kangethe’s works say much about the changing times in Africa and how to make the best out of challenging situations.

Social realism is only one aspect of his developing style. Kangethe is well versed in various artistic trends and schools. He seems to have been fascinated by the Impressionists, who, like himself, were intrigued with the playful effects of light and color. Kangethe grew up the son of a florist, so intuitively has a glorious sense of color.

Self taught, he is able to blend bold colors on canvas to create an almost bouquet-like effect. A number of his newer works border on the abstract.

Kangethe has displayed in many venues, including the Goethe Institute in Nairobi.

(Information excerpted from an article in Kenya’s Daily Nation newspaper)