Project Description

Baskets from across Africa

We have a beautiful collection of Baskets from various countries in African.

Our Sisal baskets are colorful and intricately handwoven by craftswomen of Rwanda. They weave carefully dyed sisal fibers and sweet grass to make these stunning one of a kind pieces, rich in cultural meaning and purpose, they make a stunning wall statement.

The Buhera baskets are made in Zimbabwe. They are hand woven from local grasses in the Buhera district of Zimbabwe. The baskets were traditionally used to store and carry grains. They fit in with almost any décor and bring a unique element to your space.

The Zulu Telephone wire baskets are a favorite across the world. Made in South Africa. These bright, washable and sturdy baskets, called mbenge in the native language, come in myriad colors and intricate, mesmerizing designs.

The painted rope and leather baskets are made in Zimbabwe.