Project Description


Archibold “Archie” Mutsiko was born in February of 1984 in Harare, the capital of Zimbabwe, He is the father of two boys. As an artist his focus is on creating wire and bead craft. He was taught by his elder brother and uncle, both deceased. Archie started doing wire-craft when he was in the 5th grade at primary school, and progressed to working on his own at the secondary level.

In 2006, at the age of 21, Archie immigrated to Pretoria, the capital of South Africa, due to the economic, political and social crises in his home country. He is passionate about his craft and proud of his skill at designing and creating intricate beaded artwork, which ranges from animals, birdcages, cars and flowers to functional items like key rings and bowls.

Archie describes himself as a “happy and good artist” who can make almost anything out of bead and wire. He is appreciative of all who support his creative pursuits, and he looks forward to his work being collected far and wide, from South Africa and Zimbabwe to the USA and beyond.

In Archie’s own words, as written on July 31, 2015: 

“Hi, my name is Archibold Mutsiko, I was born 1984, I am the 31 year old father of 2 boys, i came from Zimbabwe  Harare, I am an artist doing wire and bead craft, I was taught  by my elder brother and my uncle both passed away, I started working with wires since when i was in grade 5 primary, and started doing by my own in secondary level, I came here to south Africa in 2006. I was 21 years old by then. I stay in Pretoria doing craft is the only thing I know in life. i love my work and i am proud of it, thanking god for this gift. I do craft for a living, any design. i do animals , birdcages, cars, flowers, keyrings, functional items like bowls, only few to mention, anything I can make out of bead and wire I am a happy, good artist. I appreciate all who support me. god bless you, looking forward to reach far with my work, I wish the best to us all”

Archie, South Africa 2013